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Chappal Karkhana 04, Kathmandu

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Our Services

“Paliv International Pvt Ltd.” Acts as the bridge between the employer and employee .we will look after the necessary paper works and documentation, co-operation interview through well qualified technical and administrative experts, medicals examination with authorized medical institutes /doctors and at the end select the right candidates for the right post for company’s requirements. Paliv connected activities like advertising, trade testing and training and any other services requested by the clients. Paliv international Pvt. Ltd. is committed to fulfill the need of healthy, honest, professional and competent manpower as required by the employers abroad.

  • To supply competed and worthy manpower (unskilled, semiskilled, highly skilled) as per the requirements of the desiring company.
  • To help the unemployed population of the country to find better opportunities elsewhere while fully complying with the laws and acts of either countries.
  • To be a trusted partner for customers and our community.
  • To treat every individual with respect in every interaction.
  • To build a foundation of honesty and integrity .We promise only what we deliver and we can deliver on every promise.
  • To provide viable solutions to our customer’s .To meet and help solve the challenges for the betterment of our customers.
  • To educate ourselves and prepare for any and all challenges ahead.