Our Location

Chappal Karkhana 04, Kathmandu

+977 1 4418268, 4418716


Mission, Vision & Objectives


Our Mission is to become the best sort after source for employment and human resources services in the country. With our dedication to serve our customers and devotion to remain unsurpassed in customer’s satisfaction, we strive to maintain our reputation as a professional organization with principles and integrity. We aim to operate profitably as a socially citizen. Our mission is to be accountable and be a willing and trusted partner to our and better opportunities of employment to our deserving recruits.


We here at Paliv International Pvt. Ltd. are committed to connecting great companies with deserving employees by providing the highest quality of outsourced employment and human resources services. By creating a professional learning organization composed of highly motivated and productive staff, we aim to satisfy the clients. By focusing on the empowerment of our customers and providing professional and efficient recruits, we are passionately committed to total service excellence.

The main objectives of this organization are as follows:

To provide global overseas employment opportunities for Nepalese workers.
To help uplift country’s economic standard /status by providing qualified manpower to the world.
To help share, learn and explore further advancement for Nepalese existing manpower.
To provide efficient and effective human resources for product oriented job.